Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Physical and spiritual Doctors on the 2016 ACF Missions team.

More than 80% of the people who came for our medical missions most likely would not have seen a doctor all year if we weren't there. I say this not to shine light on ACF as an organization and emphasize the work we do but to illustrate the need for accessible healthcare in the rural areas of the world. Many people come just to receive free medicine, a check-up for their family and free food. And yes with how great the need is for medical help we could have set up shop and simply distributed medication to everyone who wanted it, but what makes us more than a humanitarian organization is our desire to primarily introduce people to Christ. This desire is fueled by our personal experiences with Gods love as well as a compassionate heart for the nations. For this reason we designed the medical missions days to be organized so that first patients would get their vitals checked, see the doctors, receive counseling, THEN visit the pharmacy to pick up their medicine. The counsellors played the role of spiritual doctors. Not every sickness that entered the school grounds could be healed by medicine alone and more times than could be counted, prayer was the best treatment. We have pictured here, our counsellors and translators. Amazing men and women of God who listened to, prayed for and encouraged everyone who came to their table. Since we are more than just flesh, it is our responsibility to address more than the flesh and what we see on the surface. We must pay attention to the body, mind AND spirit.
Pastor Emmanuel Ike one the counselors on the ACF 2016 missions team
Rev.Bolu Olowomeye counsels a youth in Totolim-Kumi, Uganda
Rev.Bolu Olowomeye during a counseling session
Brother Emeka Nwosu during a counseling session.

This year, in Uganda, we had six medical doctors and one ophthalmologist. It was so amazing to have them come from different parts of Uganda, the United States and even Spain. They were instrumental not only in diagnosing, but also in catering to the patients they saw on a personal level. It was and is more than just hearing the ailments, writing a prescription and sending them off to the next station. With more than nine hundred people waiting to see the doctors over the span of two days they could have easily succumbed to the pressure of those overwhelming numbers and rushed through the diagnosis' and to a degree we could have called that success but they didn't. Success is more than getting the maximum amount of people during the two days that we are there. Thankfully our team shared that sentiment and the necessary time and attention was given to everyone there. Pictured here are our doctors for this year's mission trip as well as the translators who equally played a role in helping both patients and doctors.
 Dr.Chibuzo in action
 Our ophthalmologist
 Mrs.Grace Bassey in the pharmacy
 Part of he Pharmacy team [Mrs. Ukwuani and Florence]

The team of ACF Missions Doctors and Nurses 

Kelechi Okpa
ACF 2016 missions Team Member

Join us as we share our mission experiences.

We will first thank you for all your financial and prayer support for this year's mission trip. All spectrum of ACF family including children, youths, young adults and adults prayed for the team while we were in Benin Republic and Uganda. The chapters made great sacrifices and held mission banquets to raise money to fund the programs.

I will confess we feltthe impact of all your prayers and that is why we had awesome missionexperiences this year with outstanding victories and testimonies. Your prayersfrustrated all the attacks of the enemy and the team remains eternallygrateful.

The team this year isa special bunch selected by God Himself to accomplish His goal in BeninRepublic and Uganda. More than 30 percent of the team members went on missionswith ACF for the first time. It was exciting and encouraging to have missionveterans and elders from ACF East Region to join this year’s mission trip toAfrica. The team was truly a combination of youth and wisdom of the elderly.

We will be visiting each ACF chapter in the Eastern region in the future, but I am excited to announce to you about the upcoming Re-Union meeting for the 2016 ACF Mission Trip to Africa. The meeting is open to every ACF member, but everyone who went on mission trip this year and in the past are expected to attend.

We stronglyencourage you to attend the re-union meeting if you are planning to go onmission trip with ACF East Region in 2017.

The meeting will holdas follows:

Date: SaturdaySeptember 17, 2016
Time: 10am-3.30pm
Venue: DC ChapterFellowship Center at 6706 Annapolis Road, Hyattsville, MD 20874

Please join us to share in our mission experiences, testimonies from the field,and the planning for the next year's mission trip

Bro Festus Ukwuani
Mission Director, ACFUSA, East Region

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dreams brought to life

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Odwar Lazarus. Remember the past, live in the present and look forward to the future! May your attained medical degree be just the beginning of a lifetime of fulfillment for you.

ACF Child Sponsorship program is well into its second decade of identifying high potential young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and circumstances and affording them the opportunity to realise their dreams. Through this program, we believe that we are indeed developing leaders for a better, stronger Africa. It is a noble and exciting mission.


You can become a Mentor
  • Are you passionate about changing the up-and-coming leadership and future of this country?
  • Are you keen to share some of your time with a high school student?
  • Is there a part of you that would have appreciated some advice or guidance when you were younger, and would like to make that possible for a young person now?
  • Do you have some life and work experience?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you would be ideally suited to become a mentor! Every year, the Child Education Sponsorship Programme (CESP) recruits committed individuals to serve as mentors for our students.

Sponsor a child

You have the opportunity to create Africa’s next lawyer, doctor or scientist by being part of CESP programme. ACF CESP matches each Scholar with an individual or institutional sponsor who makes a commitment to fund his or her education.

Each Scholar’s sponsorship covers:
• Tuition fees
• School uniforms
• Textbooks
• Stationery
• School trips
• Sports equipment and uniforms

Being a sponsor is a deeply rewarding and enriching experience and you can sponsor a child from as low as $50 contribution per month. You may also make a partial contribution over five years towards a child’s education. Please consider sponsoring a child today.

Sponsors receive:
• Semi-annual reports from ACF CESP which include:
– Academic reports on your Scholar
– Letter from your Sponsored child
– Progress reports and feedback

A BIG THANK YOU to all our sponsors and projects partners.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Am a missionary......

Hello friends,

This is going to be an amazing month. I'm going to share a quick update and a few reminders. Remember GoFundMe isn't the only way to donate to this missions trip, all donations are tax deductible, and no amount is too little. Since donations can come offline, like last year, I'll reduce the amount shown via Gofundme by the amount received offline 

Thank you all again for all the support and encouragement. Feel free to contact me throughout. 

 am a missionary.  In some way, shape or form I believe anyone can play a role in mission work, whether you are a "goer" or a "sender".

It is my desire to be a goer, and because of that I am raising money for my 2016 missions trip to Uganda from Thursday July 21 to Saturday August 6, 2016. 

The funds raised will go towards airfare, local transportation, meals and accommodation. It will also support ongoing projects in Uganda as well as the materials and programs we take with us.

Although being a missionary overseas or in a different culture is not the calling for everyone, it is something that I want to do. By no means is it easy, but I love  both the joys and hardships of it. I want to love them, if only because they bring me closer to becoming more dependent on Him.

I'm excited to begin again on a journey that started in 2015, knowing that it may be the same country I go to but my experience and the turnout will be vastly different. I can't say how much I am grateful for and appreciate any support shown or donation given. 

I do pray God continues to bless you.

Friday, April 29, 2016

ACF Construction project in Kumi

We stand in awe each time we look at this building, for it is only through the Lord’s plans that this has come into existence. Now we look to the Lord for His plans in using the facility to bring many to Christ. His plans always exceed our wildest imagination! So we pray for God’s continued revelation regarding His will be achieved through us to the glory of The Great Visionary!

Lord, I have heard of your fame I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known in wrath remember mercy. Habakkuk 3:2

This Project stands as a vivid testimony of God’s faithfulness to us. As we have been obedient in following the Lord’s direction, He has poured out His blessings on us. We can’t wait to open the doors of this facility to the world around us! In the process, we pray fervently that all the activities that will take place over the years ahead will be a vehicle through which the world will come to know the gracious God whom we serve!
What our Father has started, he will see through to completion...in spite of the plans we have made! And during this waiting time, when we watch the rain with frustration, he will strengthen us and provide the encouragement we need! We, ultimately rely on the Lord to cover all of our expenses. As we can read in the Bible, he owns the gold and the silver.

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.
2 Chronicles 16:9

This would not be possible without the support of the many individuals who sponsor children through ACF Child Education Sponsorship program and projects funding. Change the life of a child in Africa. Support ACF programs, change a story and impact a nation. Go to http://www.acfusa.org/acf/donate 

Dear Sisters and Brother in Jesus Christ, who are far and unknown to us. We invite you to come and help us if God is leading you: first with your prayer, and if you can, financially as well!

May God bless you as you join this cause. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ndubisi Okeke..........ACF Missionary & Health Volunteer, Peace Corps.

Ndubisi Okeke

Health Volunteer, Peace Corps

"Hi! My name is Ndubisi Okeke. I’m from ACF Baltimore Chapter and I am currently serving in the Peace Corps in Uganda as a health volunteer. If we’re talking about my experience so far, we should discuss expectations. I came in with very few, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because the way things played out, of course, was so unexpected. I could not have imagined the degree to which God would provide for me, yet utterly destroy me.

The things most in question, like, "Where I was going to live?", "Who I was going to work with?", and, "Would I have running water?" were totally taken care of, above and beyond what I could envision. Yet, everything that could be shaken would be shaken, including my perceived strengths, abilities, and motivations. I found that I couldn’t lean on my faith the same way I used to. Out of context, away from familiarity, I couldn’t depend on the people I used to, or look to a faith partially rooted in the good things God could do for me.

"What do you do when you’re supposed to be following God but so little 'good' is happening?", I asked myself why I was following Him. He took me back to square one and pointed to His Son. With fresh eyes, I was presented with Jesus. What He did for me is so incredible; it cannot be fathomed; it cannot be understated. A clearer picture of His great love and grace towards me was magnetic; it drew me in and sheltered me.

This all sounds simple, quick, and pretty; it’s important that you know it was not. When I think about it, I ask, "Why all the destruction, tears, pain, mistakes, etc?" It's all for intimacy--all for true closeness and honesty with God. I’ll be in Uganda for a while longer, but I’m excited to see what else is in store. My continued personal growth has truly been the greatest gift I've received from coming here."

Monday, September 7, 2015

I saw the privilege of serving God in each thing we do.....

I bless the Lord for 2015 Missions. For me, going on a mission trip to Kumi and Fort portal, Uganda was not a new adventure, but more like going home since I have been to almost all the past ACF mission trips. That’s why when we took another group of people this year; it really helped open my eyes to the specialness of it all.  We became like family on this trip. And each person saw things with their own special perspectives. I saw the privilege of serving God in each thing we do. I saw how it opened the eyes of those who went to the great needs and the great joy of missions.
Meet the 2015 Missions Team.

The first team of three [Dr. Festus, Godwin and Prof. Hyacinth] arrived a week ahead of the rest of the team. We got engaged in a number of strategic partnership meetings at Ministry of Health Uganda, Ministry of Education and a partnership strengthening meeting with the minister for Teso Affairs Hon. Chritine Aporu Amongin.
Our earlier planned meeting with the Prime minister never took place because things never worked out as we expected. But we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28

Mission Training: I made a presentation about the cultural aspects of the places we were heading to and I liked it that at the end of the day we were able to deliver the message of love not compromising the lifestyles and different cultures of the host villages.

Kumi [Team Devotions]: I had an opportunity to lead the first Evening devotion at the mission field.  My sermon began with a short explanation of why we were at the mission field. Exodus 3:11 was the basis of the scriptures under the head topic “Who am I?”. With this I wanted God to deal with fears of those that were coming for the very first time.  Overtime, I have realized that many first time visitors take time to settle because of factors around fear.
Team devotions and Team building drills.
I was also blessed by each individual that led morning and evening devotions. Each person that led had a different revelation and a special word to motivate the team and refuel for each of our daily mission tasks.

Meeting Sponsored Children [Kumi & Fortportal]:
I think one of the best things I experienced in Kumi and fort portal was telling my story to the young ACF sponsored children during a camp setting and challenging them to set personal goals and struggle daily to achieve them.

Meeting with Kumi Sponsored children
Meeting ACF Sponsored children in fortportal
We had an opportunity of meeting the ACF sponsored children and those that have graduated out of the ACF Child Sponsorship program [CSP]. I made a presentation around goal setting and helping them set personal goals and aim at achieving those goals. Many would like to become Doctors, Nurses, politicians, Pilots and one Okwi who wanted to become a president. This guy took my attention and I had an opportunity to have a face to face interaction with him during our set counseling sessions.

To cut a long story short, he graduated through a tailoring school and he is currently employed by someone. He believes that since he has been able to market his small business, he can market himself to the state house if resources allows. So, give me a tailoring machine and I will produce a president!! At the back of my mind, I was thinking of president Obama’s childhood story and who knows if this is another Obama in the making.

As earlier mentioned one of the amazing things about this trip was actually getting to meet the precious young people that have since graduated from the ACF Child Sponsorship program and seeing how life-changing these funds are to them. I loved hearing stories of those that are already employed and those that have been able to start their own businesses.

Pastors and Leaders’ Training [Kumi & Fort portal]:
Bro. Raymond, Festus and Herbert did a good job with training the Pastors and the leaders both in Kumi and fort portal. It was a rich leadership program and those that attended the two days training will be great ambassadors in transforming their communities and propelling the Kingdom of God to another great level in the rural churches. I never had an opportunity to sneak into the Ladies’ convention because I knew that what was being shared there was purely for ladies but I trust that Sister Rose Grace did a commendable job in facilitating the ladies’ program.

I loved seeing what the church planters and teachers [Ps.George, Ps.Titus and their team of evangelists] are doing in their communities. Worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Kibota church was beautiful! I also cherish the relationships built with our mission group! I learned so much from each and every one of them and can’t wait to hug their necks again someday soon!

Bathing Children [Kumi]:
I had an opportunity to be part of the team that bathed over 200 children. Bathing children is a hygiene sensitization program [HSP] that was initiated by the USA young adults to reach the children of all ages with basic hygiene lessons to help them improve on their hygiene which basically also helps them to avoid unnecessary illnesses and diseases. I saw beaming faces of the children as they admired their newly acquired clothes and supplies after bathe.

Some children having a bathe and after they received clothes and other hygiene supplies.

On a sad note, I saw children with wounds; skin infections and ringworms just because they don’t get a daily bathe due to lack of finances to buy soap and other basic necessities to use. I saw children with chronicle illnesses that have never seen a doctor which I believe is the cause of increased child mortality. Worse still, the medical doctors reported a couple of expectant mothers they saw who were almost due and they have not done antenatal checkups throughout their pregnancy and this is no wonder the cause of huge infant mortality in Uganda.

Infant mortality means children dying before their first birthday, while child mortality refers to children dying before they are five years of age. These are essential in understanding the welfare levels of a nation. Whereas Uganda has made remarkable gains in ensuring that children are protected from the major and common child illnesses like measles and polio, the child mortality levels are still high.

The current challenges of raising children in Uganda are intrinsically integrated in the overall forces affecting the global development trends, such as increasing human population which has impacted adversely on the ecological balance. These forces have impacted negatively on family values and survival strategies and have increased the vulnerability of populations already severely affected by globalization.

 Children and women in Uganda face the biggest survival challenges. Uganda, with a population of over 37 million, has a child population of about 48.4 percent. About 60 percent of these children experience difficulties in accessing basic needs such as health care, good education, clean water, a balanced diet and permanent shelter.

In almost every village we travelled to, there were a handful of people who had either professed faith in Christ or who were interested in hearing teaching from the Bible.  After a brief meal of some kind (usually rice with a little bit of meat) locally known as Pilao. 

Medical Missions [Kumi and Fortportal]
In fort portal, we went to a new place called Kibota for our medical missions. We had never been to this place. Majority of the medical missions team’s nearly 400 patients were Bakonjo, pygmies and Congolese refugees living in the foot hills of Mt.Rwenzori. The most common ailments they treated included malaria, tuberculosis, infections, coughs, Skin diseases and malnutrition.

“These people are just happy to have somebody come in, check their blood pressure, give them a full physical, you know, because many of these people have never had medical care,” The head teacher of the school notes.
“Sometimes it’s been many, many years [since] they’ve been looked at by a doctor because they don’t have money, so they’re not able to ever go in and get medical treatment.”

I bless the Lord for the team of young adults that traveled all the way from USA. Kelechi, Emeka, Juliet, Mary, Jessica, Mabinty, Bunmi and Joy made my entire mission experience special. It was great serving alongside young and vibrant people with a pure heart of serving others.
The ACF USA Young Adults Team.
Although our experiences cannot be captured by just words, I believe that God will continue to move and do so much through this ministry, and even in every single one of our lives.

As I end my report, I would like to thank all those that prayed for us, your prayers evidently worked as our backbone. Everything that you did especially praying was much appreciated.  I also want to ask you to continue to pray for the people we met through all our programs.  Our trip is done, but we have missionaries who remain on the field and the pygmies living in Mt.Renzori Mountain still remain an “unreached people.”  Though there are individual believers, they are few in number and there exists no strong churches.  Pray for the gospel to continue to take root so that the kingdom of Christ can grow in the midst of spiritual darkness.

Compiled by Henry