Thursday, September 24, 2009

ACF 2009 Mission trips

Thanks so much Henry. You and your team made it happen again. It would not have been possible if God had not placed you and your team in the position where you are now. You are a great leader and God is going to expand you more and more. Thanks for sending such a vibrant young people across our way.
"ACF Uganda and ACF USA 2009 Missons Team"
It was all labor and laughter, service of the Master filled with His joy. That is where the strength comes from. God gave His Word (Son), and blessed is the voice that declares Him Lord of Lords. We are called to stand in the gap and once again the Lord has done it through us. Le us rejoice more and more because our names are written in the Book of Life.

What God has done, we will not cease to give Him glory. When He said that signs and wonders will follow us, all we need to do is to believe Him. I strongly believe that the birth of the baby boy on the day of our food distribution was not a coincident. It was a sign for break through and at night the Lord broke through the skies with mighty outpouring of rain fall that continued until the day before our departure from Kumi. Isn’t God awesome? What a might God we serve! Four months without rain could be dangerous.
"Brother Raymond handout gifts to one of the ACF sponsored children in Kumi"

Although I know that I may not remember all the names, I will try. There is Esther the laughing girl. She brought a lot of joy to the team. Angela the quiet in spirit – can she be an angel? She is full of strength. Carol the young woman that speaks a lot about the love of Jesus from her eyes. Her smiles will win a lot to Christ. What about Cathy the great teacher of the Word. God has a lot of sons and daughters for her to raise for Him. May her strength continue to increase in the Lord as she mourns the one who raised her. Phiona is one of the quietest young women I have ever met in my life. Her keen observation is noted of the Lord and she will learn to grow in His strength. And there is Grace – robust in spirit but soft spoken, a great warrior in praise for the Father. How could I forget Sarah my daughter – a great woman of orderliness and strength, hard working and full of wisdom. There may be two other young women that I missed. Please let them know that I appreciate them much for their sacrifice of love and dedication - yes Diana I remember now, she is a woman of strength and stamina. The Lord will continue to be your strength indeed. Amen!

For the men, there is Ezra the high priest, what could we do without his piano skills and ability to counsel. Of course there is Sam the Soldier. Like Jehosophat, he wins a great battle for the kingdom with praise and worship for the team. Lopez, you are a man full of strength, always in the background making sure all is in order. Well Edward, the man full of knowledge, you are poised for a miracle and the Lord is your strength. Yes Edward in the Fort Portal team, I am pleased to know that you joined us this year. Looking at you, I observe some greatness in the making. Please do not let it slip you bye. Have I missed any of the men, please pardon me. I am still learning to grow up with names. But for Major Henry, he is the man for the season. Thanks 1000 times for such a great leadership skill. It is from the Lord I know but you have served as a container that housed it well.

Of the camera man, he is the most secret observer that I have ever known. I was always looking for him but each time I get caught right on the face in action. I can’t wait till I see his final product.

Overall, you are a great team. Keep us the good work, meet more often (at least twice a month) to remain acclimated with each other. As you can see, there are stars being bred out of your team and from the team of sponsored children. It is God’s will that you all shine brighter for the kingdom of God

When I am invited to stay, I would like to live among you so that I will renew my youthful strength. You are love in Christ.

Yours Together In His Service
Pastor Ike

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