Thursday, September 24, 2009

ACF Uganda

On behalf of ACF Uganda and the African community I would like to thank all of you who made the 2009 missions a success. You’re the army that the lord chose at a time he needed revival in the lives of Africans, thank you so much for accepting the call when the lord needed you to reach his people in Africa.

"Angella and Esther working on an elderly patient"

Many of the ladies who needed eyeglasses (reading glasses) were tailors & beaders unable to see to thread their needles. They were so happy to be able to do what they love with ease!! But what blessed me the most were those who needed reading glasses to read their Bibles and the teachers of Ogoma Primary school. Once they tried their glasses on, they would reach into their bags, pull out their Bible, and see if they could read it! Right many people did that! It was awesome!

Many People received free medication throughout our missions. I was very scared the way sister Florence Njang overworked herself on those days of medication. No wonder the lord is the source of her strength.

My favorite part was the day we did food distribution. Many testified that they had never received visitors like us and that famine had killed some natives. Few minutes upon our arrival a lady who was in a line waiting for food gave birth to a bouncing baby Boy. We are following up that baby and i will name him Emmanuel because i gave out some gloves that Sister Florence Njang had left on Van and some clothes to the ladies who helped her deliver the baby. I missed hearing that baby make a cry! We will shop for that him come December. I was so proud to be among those who did..........

By the time we left back to the Hotel, the skies was preginant and guess what, they received their first down pour after a couple of months. Glory be to our lord.

I believe you're pretty current with some of what God's been doing through ACF team in the past two weeks. Everyone in Kumi and Fort Portal appreciates us, and the support ACF USA gives to them. They keep telling us what a blessing we are to them, but I feel like they've been more of a blessing to us.

Great testimonies are still coming in from all the areas that we visited on missions. The lord confirmed it himself two years ago as He healed a MAD MAN during missions and since then signs and wonders have been following us wherever we go on missions. He will never cease to amaze us!!!

Our special appreciation goes to ACF USA team. You were all awesome. Brother Ike, you’re the man. Our president Brother Emeka, I really admire your leadership skills. Brother Festus you were so great. Sister Florence Njang you treated and God healed. Sister Grace Owanne you’re a woman of order. Brother Raymond you set a pace and you’re a man of all seasons. Brother OGO I need to know the source of your strength. Sister Sike you challenged me because you never allowed the devil to torment you. Brother Joshia you’re a man with a very strong spirit. The only young adult Takor challenged our young adults so much for the big heart she has for missions. What a strong team!! May the lord almighty richly bless you.

The time you spent, the money you gave, material support and spiritual guidance that you gave to our people in Uganda and Africa is immeasurable. WEBALE YESU for your servants and for making us able to reach the lives of the un-reached people in Africa. Bless ACF family and enlarge territories of mission supporters.

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