Monday, October 19, 2009

SMALL MIRACLES..................!!!!!

On the second day of our 2006 December mission trip in Kumi, half of us went to this village Ogooma to meet the ACF sponsored kids and while I was there that’s when God opened my eyes to the hurting children. God’s love was shown to me by a little boy named Margal. I don’t know the meaning his name but his name is sweet.

"Margal having meals on our Mission Van"

I saw Margal sitting by a tree alone, soccer ball in hand. I felt I should build a relationship with this little boy. So I went up to him and started talking to him and this little boy and I connected right away. Then we started playing ball and then after awhile he wanted to race me on his locally made bike and beat me and said “You a loser, Henry!” And that’s when we really bonded and I made him my little brother. Then I asked him how old he was and he was all “I am 4 years of age”. After that we had a little bit of time to just sit and talk. It was sad how he just grasped me and needed me to love him since he never had that from his parents who just left him who knows where.

"Margal being helped by Angela to make drawings"

After we had to leave that’s when God really showed me that being a missionary isn’t exactly going around using words to show God’s love, but also just showing it and applying it in our lives and the lives of others. When we came back the second day of our missions, he came up to me and said “Hey, Henry! Let’s play!” It was a really good feeling knowing that the first time I went I actually made an impact in his life because he remembered my name and was super excited to see me. And also that God could use something so small to make this whole trip worth while. Margal is now a good friend to all our mission team members more especially Sister Tarkor and on top of that he is under ACF education sponsorship program.

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