Monday, May 17, 2010

One hour of Dance this August. Don't miss!!!!!

In traditional Africa, music is an integral part of life and is linked with the worldview of the society in which it is produced. It has social, spiritual, and ceremonial functions as well as some purely recreational purposes. Traditional art forms, including music, are rooted in mythology, legends, and folklore. Dancing is often an important part of the spiritual aspect of music in Africa and at ACF UGANDA.

Enjoy the pictures of our Music & Dance training.

Percussion instruments are the most popular instrument in African societies. Rattles, friction sticks, bells, clappers, and cymbals are popular. Many groups also use the sansa and xylophones. Numerous types of drums are also used. Various wind instruments are made out of tusks, horns, conch shells, wood or gourds. Styles of vocal music vary from area to area. This is due partly to the different languages spoken in different areas. Most African languages are tonal languages which are reflected in the singing.

Join us this August for a treat of African music and Dance dubbed "ONE HOUR OF DANCE" all put together by ACF Uganda members. Watch this space for Date, Venue and time of the event. We shall take you to the EAST, WEST, NOTHERN and end with SOUTHERN AFRICA. Don't miss!!!!!!!

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