Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As simple as shoes.......................

Orphans own nothing.
Not even the clothes on their backs. Everything is shared. It is all community property. Millions of children are living  with little hope for the future. These children are innocent victims. Each child has a devastating story to tell. In all of the places that we serve, they suffer daily. They have little chance to grow up and join normal society and even less of a chance to hear about the love of Jesus.
But their needs do not change, and one thing they need are shoes.
Shoes are personal - they are special to their owner. And the gift of such an item, even as simple as shoes, can do much for an orphan child.

There are many ways ACF Uganda makes it possible for you to get involved, because there are so many ACF Sponsored children in need of your compassion and generosity.  Some of our sponsored children need shoes so as to avoid the foot disease that are rampant in this region.
Above is Kedi and her Mum. This is one of ACF adopted families in Kumi.

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