Monday, September 6, 2010

I am still basking in the joy of a successful mission trip to Uganda.So many souls were saved for Jesus Christ. Praise God!!

There are few things in life that you can guarantee. Death and taxes are the two we usually think of. However, there is something else I can guarantee someone. If you ever choose to go on a mission trip, it will 100%, positively, guaranteed, change your life. I know that is a bold statement, but it’s the truth.

It truly was an unbelievable two weeks. It was absolutely amazing to see what the Lord did!

I’m telling you it was a miracle what God did! Our young adults were “witnessing machines.” They had burdens for the children and teens and they shared with all their hearts.

Let me tell you what I saw our team doing is ACF’s dream! They were “getting it” and had the “Great Commission” as their focus. They were truly making disciples. It was amazing to see my sister Oly and other young ladies rejoicing for the simple privilege of sharing the gospel with the young people in fort Portal.

Florence said in her letter,”Everything is different now that I have Jesus in my heart.” She said, “My mom is thinking about taking me to church.” I pray her mother will and that she, too, will accept Christ. So many are confused through the teachings of Catholicism about who Jesus is and why is the only way to heaven and that you don’t have to go through a priest for forgiveness of sins.

Several of the children had heads full of lice. Some girls were picking lice out of their sister’s hair… Henry, Cathy Jr, Eddie and Angela to helped these little girls and boys with getting rid of the lice with proper hair cuts.

We also distributed pencils, pens and candy canes for the kids…yes…candy canes in the middle of summer…and no complaints. Would we complain about getting Christmas candy in August?

The experience for our team was truly life-changing. I’ve talked to several of our team members this week and they’ve told me that they are almost depressed. Why? Because you miss the work, the closeness of the team and the people…oh, the people…those precious little faces…

…faces that represent lives that are hungry and the souls that long for peace…peace they can only find in Christ. It was awesome!

They led the teaching times…they led in many of our team devotions…they were amazing!! They worked and gave it everything they had on five our sleep each night…extensive administrative meetings and tight living conditions…but, so did the adults…

Why the long blog post? Because missions is at the heart of our Lord…plain and simple. He came to “seek and save that which is lost.” He told us to GO and make disciples of all nations…to teach them… He rejoices when we get about the business of the kingdom…His…not ours. Why does a mission trip change a person’s life? Because you leave the comfort and security of home and you sacrifice yourself…your sleep…your routine…your wants…your desires for that of the Savior’s. When you choose to do this…I promise you…it will change your life and you will find that when you get back home, your priorities will change and you will adjust your life to do more missions. In fact, I’m heading to another mission field this December!!

Where the “Great Commission” work of the kingdom continues… Please pray for our team to continue following up on the harvest… I’m certain I’ll be forever changed again…because…well…that’s what “doing” missions does…it changes your life!

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