Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Missions Reloaded........

On December 27th, 2010, our mission team went on mission trip to Kumi, Northeastern Uganda, with a vision and targeted village to carry the Gospel to the villages. We believe God's word is true in Matthew 11:12 when Jesus said "Since the days of John the Baptist the Kingdom of God has been forcefully advancing and forceful men take hold of it. These mission trips were clear pictures of these truths coming to life. The Kingdom is advancing!

On the second day specifically we represented African Christian Fellowship- Uganda. We are young adults comprising of Project managers, factory workers, secretaries, college students, nurses, photographers, Auto mechanics, cooks, teachers, salesmen..oh and we don't want to leave out. we are also preachers of the word. With so many areas of talents and such a broad spectrum of gifts, God used each person in their own specific way to share the love of Jesus to the Kumi people.
Through evangelism, children's care, medical missions and Crusades, the Gospel was presented to hundreds of people. some most likely for the very first time. We witnessed the Lord work in the hearts of some 73 people in the small village of Auaruk Minai as they kneeled before us to accept Jesus into their lives. The rejoicing was sweet as we cried tears of joy knowing that heavens angels were praising our Father in Heaven for the newfound faith of these precious people. Bibles were given to the folks in this village and opportunities were taken advantage of to do some discipleship for the new members of God's family. What a joy it was to bring the assurance to these new Christians that salvation was for real and now God wanted them to know that there was a plan for their lives. The relationships we experienced from all the visits and love shared will be remembered by all for a lifetime.
We also witnessed significant change in our own hearts as the power of the Holy Spirit moved during our share times at the end of each day. This is where God truly displays the change in our lives caused by His wonderful work in the mission field. It's as important as the act of sharing the Gospel, because God draws us near to Him due to a close encounter with Jesus.
Henry, President
ACF Uganda

Saturday, January 1, 2011


In life we all have Expectations. From the time we are very young we have expectations from what we will eat for dinner to, what toy we will be getting for Christmas, to who and what we will be when we grow up, to what car or house we will own, to what kind of person we want to marry and on and on and on.

As I continue on this journey with God i am reminded of something simple that there are really only around two expectations that we should have 1. God Always Shows Up 2. Expect the Un-Expected. If we allow other expectations to come about well at least in my life i have found that i then allow other things to also come into my life. Things such as doubt, and disappointment.

Diana touring the NYERO ROCKS site during ACF Uganda 2010 December missions.
Diana in the Pharmacy

Last night as I was talking with a fellow Missions team mate I was just reminded that God showing up and being number 1 in my life is the only Expectation I can have without allowing doubt in my life. Last night I was sad and frustrated and so was my dear friend. So I just began to think I have to get rid of any expectations that do not put God as the number one priority. That His will for my life and for those around me has to come first. That sometimes even if we think that something is suppose to happen at a certain time or certain place that ultimately God is in control and we don’t always have to understand. That as long as we are following his will and he is coming first in our lives, that are what is important. God Always Shows Up!

So whether it is finances, timing, where i will be staying, what I will be eating this next year is about laying down those expectations and letting God show up. Letting God show up in every aspect of my life. It has been nice being part of ACF 2010 December missions. I love you all!

Thanks Again For All Your Prayers, Love and Support,

ACF Uganda 2010 December Missions.......Glory be to Him.

Hello Friends,
By now you are starting to wonder if we came home or we are still lost in the missions field. Before you send the other Team after us, I want to assure you that we are back, safe and sound!
Of course, a lot happened in our December mission trip, and we certainly valued your prayers for us as a team. The mission was most successful - despite some unexpected developments at the end.
The Auruku Minai Crusade in the late afternoon with the Missions Team from Kampala went on - drawing large crowds despite the time limitations imposed on us by the local authorities - and Peter Charles and Henry preached with good response and numerous professions of faith. The rest of the team did door-to-door evangelism in the area.

We really sensed the prayers of our support teams. I know you all carried us safely over those roads and renewed our strength day by day to minister. It is a strange experience to awaken in the wee hours of the morning, the blazing in the sky - feeling isolated and alone; yet through your prayers, we felt secure and eager for each new day's ministry.

Henry with some of the petients soon after receiving drugs

But for now, I just want to thank those of you who gave and/or prayed for your support in getting us to the missions field and sustaining us while we were there. And I want to let you know the investment you have made among the Christians in Uganda /Kumi people will continue to bear much fruit in the future. Do continue to pray for us!

A special thank you to ACF 2010 December missions Team, Brother Katongole Joseph (Formerly ACF Ug President), ACF Kumi Committee, Brother Ike for all your financial and spiritual motivation/support.

Grace, Missions Director
ACF Uganda