Monday, August 15, 2011

Amazing experience!!

We did not have stable internet the past two days, so blog updates were impossible. We are now back in our Hotel Rooms after a busy day with the ACF sponsored children at Nyero Rock High here is an overview of our Mission. Words or pictures do not do justice for what our time with the children today has meant to all of us. We have touched by God often; we saw His hands at work with our team and with the people at the mission field. We have our individual stories....and there are many of them. Following is an overview of our mission. We look forward to sharing more of our story with you when we come back home!
We headed out to Nyero Rock High school this morning. It took about 30 minutes to get there through scenic towns, winding rocks roads and lush green fields planted on steep mountain slopes.
Cathy shaving children's hair. All our clippers broke down because because of high voltage set yet they use 120V and we resorted to use scissors.

Our Team shared with ACF Sponsored children. Brother Raymond, Sister Grace who is mother on our team and the rest of our Team members poured out her heart to the children and we were able to have one on one counseling before we served them with a meal prepared by Sarah and Cathy Opio.
The afternoon was spent hearing poems from children. There were 51 children and we all fell in love with them. It was extremely hard to say goodbye this evening as we left as we all had developed deep relationships with these beautiful engels.

Our Team has been separated into two Teams. Team 1 shall have gospel outreach (Door to Door) Evangelism through the streets of Kumi. Team Two shall be meeting with local leaders to inform them of our presence and chat more of our programs with them. we leave Nyero, we reflect back on our week here with mixed emotions: sadness at saying good bye to our many new friends, joyfulness at having met and played with these precious children, and hope that we have planted seeds and showed them God’s love through our actions. No doubt we all will return home changed individuals having seen the hands of God so many times, felt His presence continuously and were blessed beyond our imagination.

As mentioned before, the team is doing so well. Everyone is growing through their various ministries, and even beginning to cross over to check out and experiencing the other ministries. This is being done, not because we are overloaded or under staffed, it is because everything has fallen into line so perfectly that we are able to breathe easy resting in the fact that it is not because of anything we can do, but because of what Christ is doing in and through us. If anything, the entire team would probably say that next Friday's return will be entirely too soon.
Thank you again for your prayers. Continue to pray for those whom we will reach, also for our medical missions which are starting this wednesday. It is an awesome opportunity to enjoy God's service as we continue to serve and to grow as a team in our service to our Lord!

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