Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 missions

Experience the excitement of a ACF 2012 Missions summer mission trip through our huge photo galleries. View our missionary work and see our teams as they share the gospel through work and evangelism.

 Kumi Crusade
Th children
Medical Missions
ACF Medical Center in Fort portal (Medical Missions)
.Medical Missions
Pastor Ike Preching in Fortportal

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

So we're all finally back home, safe and sound.  As I sit here at home on my bed, I just keep thinking of the past two weeks and everything we experienced as a group. So many emotions have been felt over the past two weeks, but I think that everyone from the team would agree with me when I say that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Its hard to come back to America, where we live so comfortably, and think of all the people we formed relationships with and who touched our hearts as they live such challenging lives. I almost feel guilty taking a long hot shower or opening my fridge to grab a snack. It was even a little funny actually flushing the toilet paper instead of throwing it away! As much as some of us may want to go back and keep helping and showing God's Love, from here on out is when we bring the mission back to our friends and family. I feel very blessed coming home to loved ones, and I'm updating one more time to show everyone what else went on during our time in Uganda.

While some worked at the health clinic, others went taught hand washing skills as Jessica bathed and clothed babies in new clothes that she brought from USA. After the demonstrations, the team led by Takor participated in other activities with the kids, including singing songs, hair cutting, reading bible story books, and other fun things. The kids were all very friendly and nice, and from the smiles on their faces it was easy to see that they really enjoyed it.

As we said our goodbyes to the villagers after meeting the new converts (Harvest from the Crusades we held) and they said thank yous, there was an amazing feeling of unity. Although we didn't all speak the same language, there were many hugs and signs of friendship and relationships that had been formed. It was sad to leave the marela village, but satisfying knowing that we left them with some supplies and most importantly the Love of God. Raymond M

My best mission trip ever..

Boarding the plane on Monday in Entebbe Airport to head home brought yet another day of mixed emotions. We eagerly looked forward to sleeping in our own beds and seeing family and friends at home. Yet we were sad to be putting so many miles between ourselves and those we have come to love in Uganda. Many of us turned this sadness into joyful anticipation as we look forward to returning to Uganda next year. We began to feel pains of separation anxiety, realizing that the daily smiles and hugs from our team mates would not occur as frequently. We now share a bond with each other and a commitment to serving God that will last the rest of our lives.

This ministry experience has certainly deepened our relationships with God, with each other, and with many people in Uganda. We eagerly await what God has in store for us next!
Brother Ike preaching at the second day of our crusade.
Deliverance time
It has been a very successful mission trip.  We have been able to help a number of families medically and spiritually, we have met new friends, we enjoyed the fellowship with people we’ve known from previous mission trips and we have made a Christian difference. All the glory is to God who guides our mission efforts. Ike Emmanuel

Sunday, August 5, 2012

........more than i expected!!! the world you may be only person, but to one person you may be the world.
 The past week has been everything and more than what I expected. It has been such an amazing experience to form a connection and bond with the people in Kumi. I really enjoyed the activities, the two days we had medical missions  and the camp with the orphans (ACF Sponsored Children). The time spent laughing and playing has been so wonderful. It was all worth it just to see the smile on our faces. ACF Missions is an excellent program and the ACF Uganda Team from Kampala working with us is so wonderful and God Bless them for everything they do. Thank you! Jessica

 This was a GREAT experience for me that I will never forget. My favorite memory of the week is just the smiles of the children as they played and had a great time! There were many small challenges but none that were especially difficult throughout the week. Everything seemed to work very well and I can’t think of any suggestions to make. Takor Njang
“Too often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, A listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around”

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Annointed and Sent!!!!

Hello Family and f friends.
I’m back to update you on what is here at the front line. Today marks our last day in Kumi but tomorrow we ill meet with the new converts and the church congregation in Kokwech before we return to Kampala for our second leg of our missions to Fort portal. Out theme for this year remains “Annointed and Sent”. We all feel God’s anointing holly spirit and we have been sent to accomplish this task.   It’s amazing what the Holy Spirit can reveal to you when you allow it to take reign of your heart.  My prayer leading up to this trip was just that; to break down the walls around my heart and let God reveal himself to me in a new way.  This trip has been nothing short of amazing.
Sister Aroh and Brother Dozie have been very instrumental in the pharmacy.
The medical services we have been able to provide throughout this trip has been a huge learning experience, great success, and again a blessing to all of us.  We have been able to provide hygiene education and treatment.  I have been so humbled at the serving hearts of our  missions team.  Every single person has stepped up and helped in some way.  The kids and adults we treated were unbelievably well behaved and cooperative!!! 
Jessica has had her portion of fun with the kids.
We serve a hot meal to the children and adults.
Jessica loves babies and children.
This trip has been a spur of the moment thing for me, but I know things don’t happen by coincidence.  The bible tells us that all good things come from God.  I feel this trip has exposed me to certain things for certain reasons, prepared me for the team we will have here next year, and placed people in my life that I have learned so much from.  I will leave Kumi with some specific burdens in my heart, focus on what really is important on this side of Heaven, and total amazement of what is outside of the little bubble in which I live.  I pray the Holy Spirit would guide each day of my life, and that I would follow.  The good thing is we still have one more week for our second leg!!!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2nd Day of our Open air Crusade....... and still going..

Hello Family,
Am back again to update you with what is happening with us at the mission ground. We had a privilege of meeting and sharing lunch with our sponsored children. It was nice to see how some of these boys and girls have grown into young adults.
Some of our sponsored children during a counseling sessions earlier today. I learned at our meeting that one of the most important things we will be doing is helping the young adults get organized and prepared to put on these programs after we leave with them. It is similar to a mentor program, where the young adults (around 18-20 years old) invest in the lives of the younger kids. Along with helping the younger kids grow up with a support system, it also gives the young adults purpose as well as unite the communities
 Sister Tarko counseling one of our sponsored children.
Some of our sponsored children after receiving their gifts.
We fed the sponsored and non sponsored children from the nearby community. 

We had an open air crusade in the evening and the turn up was awesome. This reminded me that God is seriously seeking for men that will stand in gap for the unsaved souls that are living under the bondage of sin and death. There are plenty of villages, cities, towns and nations that are yet to be reached with the gospel. We must visit and pray in those places for Christ to be crowned as king in people’s lives. The big question is WHAT ARE YOU REALLY DOING TO SPREAD GOSPEL IN YOUR LOCAL AREA AND REMOTE PLACES?
It was joy seeing people coming foward to give their lives to Christ. I must admit the "The Life of Jesus movie" is long but people stood and watched it up to the end. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

We have arrived!!!!

We have arrived at our mission field of Uganda. Before I go to sleep I just wanted to let you our family members and friends of our arrival at the mission field. This is going to be your window into the weekly activities of the ministry that God has called us to here in Uganda,  Africa. ACF ministry is varied, but our goal is singular: to reach people with the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to the glory and honor of our King.

                                                                         Offloading our luggages on arrival

Thanks to all who pray for us and financially support us. You have been, are, and will be a blessing, and all you do has God's promise of eternal rewards -- thank you.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

We met the precious ones and they blessed our HEARTS.

Yesterday we visited Agape community orphanage, initially it was quite surprising because it is very clean and well presented and the houses are lovely, just like little villas. Many people on our team had had different expectations, thinking it would be run down reflecting the backgrounds these children had come from. However, the owner of the orphanage explained that they took every opportunity to make this place a slice of heaven, a safe haven for the children, and by the mentality of the children it is clear they have succeeded.

Bellow is the DREAM TEAM in a group Photo at ACF offices before we left.
   Florence with the Kids.

They are always smiling and Maxwell, our team leader, said he was blown away by the kindness and welcoming attitude of all the children. One child had arrived there just a week ago with marks on his face, which has made us all wonder at and appreciate the horrific backgrounds from which these children come, and to fully appreciate how much time and effort the people who work here have invested to turn a child’s life around so quickly! They are genuinely amazing. 
 Simon one of the orphans receiving some of the gifts that we took.
At last, we gave the gifts to the orphans, took a group photo with the orphans and we left. Although we had a short time spent in the orphanage and we didn’t build a strong friendship with the orphans, but we did gave warmth and kindness to them, and the most important—- laughter.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

........makes a difference!!

We have a dual purpose for every trip we take in our ACF Medical Missions Outreach.

First, our goal is to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ our Savior, by bringing others to Him. We try our best to make the presentation of the Gospel in a way, that each person knows that it does not benefit their medical treatment, or appease us for them to simply “pray a prayer” that they are taught. 

Our goal is to establish long term relationships that allow us to revisit each village multiple times over several years until the community can maintain its medical status independently. On medical mission trips volunteers experience and share in a new culture. Each visit brings progress and success in community wellness allowing succeeding medical mission trips to provide more technical care. We start with basic prevention and build toward surgical care.

Every Christian needs to take at least one mission trip.  A trip with ACF Missions gives a perfect combination of service and evangelism with visible results.  A mobile clinic setting gives each person a chance to serve others and then to watch that simple gift of service touch their heart in a way that will last for all eternity.  Each individual becomes a part of something so much bigger than themselves.  I doubt any one will return from a ACF Mission trip without feeling blessed by what they have seen and fulfilled by what they have done.  I cannot imagine returning without a renewed vision for the lost of the whole world.

If you would like to volunteer, please click here to contact us. You can also call us (+256) 392 849402 or send an email to:


Would you like to make a world of difference to a child a world away? When you sponsor a child through ACF Uganda - you provide hope for a special girl or boy and you build a relationship with them. 

How Sponsorship Works
By choosing from the sponsorship options listed below, you become a member of our family of sponsors and we will send you regular school reports, photos and letters from the child whose life you are changing. Sponsorship commitments are made on an annual basis and at the end of your sponsorship year you will be given the opportunity to continue to support your child as he or she progresses through Uganda's education system. 

Sponsor a child in need…….
A little bit goes a long way toward transforming the life of a child in Uganda. Your monthly sponsorship ensures that a child receives an education, clothing, nutritious food, health care, vocational training, life skills and most importantly, a place to call home.
  • Primary sponsorship: $42/month or $504/year
  • Secondary sponsorship: $82/month or $984/year
We need contributions to provide basic necessities to the children; it costs about $60 per month to feed, clothe and shelter each child. Please consider a donation to ACF-Uganda.

Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 ACF Electrifying mission trip

It is great to serve on a mission trip! Especially in these days where thankfulness is getting scarcer and scarcer. Serving is one way of offering and receiving gratitude to your church and community for having you.

Show love:
It is a known fact that throughout the world, somebody is in need of love! There is no better place to do this than in Uganda and on a Ugandan short term mission trip. Take care of the orphans, treat the sick through our medical missions, and serve in the slums or the rural areas. There are so many ways of doing this.

An African visit and in particular a Ugandan short term mission trip is an opportunity to die for. Ask those who have been there!

Immersive experiences and learning:
Your Ugandan experience provides an opportunity for immersive cultural learning and experience. Learn about the various African cultures and their way of life. Find out why Ugandans are sociable and overly hospitable people in the world. Life changing experiences happen when you have a complete and bigger world view of other people.

It is a challenge serving in highlands and remote villages, it is a challenge reaching the un-reached. The third world is a hard place to live and work. Are you able to leave your comfort zone and for a few day test your limits?