Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 ACF Electrifying mission trip

It is great to serve on a mission trip! Especially in these days where thankfulness is getting scarcer and scarcer. Serving is one way of offering and receiving gratitude to your church and community for having you.

Show love:
It is a known fact that throughout the world, somebody is in need of love! There is no better place to do this than in Uganda and on a Ugandan short term mission trip. Take care of the orphans, treat the sick through our medical missions, and serve in the slums or the rural areas. There are so many ways of doing this.

An African visit and in particular a Ugandan short term mission trip is an opportunity to die for. Ask those who have been there!

Immersive experiences and learning:
Your Ugandan experience provides an opportunity for immersive cultural learning and experience. Learn about the various African cultures and their way of life. Find out why Ugandans are sociable and overly hospitable people in the world. Life changing experiences happen when you have a complete and bigger world view of other people.

It is a challenge serving in highlands and remote villages, it is a challenge reaching the un-reached. The third world is a hard place to live and work. Are you able to leave your comfort zone and for a few day test your limits?

ACF 2012 Mission trip

When setting out for a Ugandan mission trip, your primary aim is to serve the children of God by preaching the Gospel and showing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, caring for the sick and orphans or generally participating in your other mission activities. This you’ll achieve, however, you’ll find that you have been ministered to spiritually in bigger ways, ways that you can not put a finger to. In any case spiritual growth comes by fellowship.

Personal growth
Your participation on a ACF short term mission trips is enriching. You’ll find that after the interactive experience, you’ve achieved something that’ll contribute to your total well being.

Mission Trip Work - What's Our Part?
During our Uganda mission trip, our team will specifically be involved with local Ugandan workers to install electric wiring in ACF medical clinic, to do plaster work, and painting at the Kumi orphanage school.

What's Your Part?
Investing in education in Africa is key to providing long-term help. Empowering children in Africa through education will equip an independent people to reconstruct their own country from the inside out - which will continue to offer sustainable hope long after we've left.

We would simply like to present you with the chance to be a small part of a bigger picture by asking you to donate to help rebuild one school.