Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Had a great mission experience

I went to to a different district last year with the High School and Young Adults Group for missions, and that trip was definitely a life-changing and humbling experience. But these ACF-Mission trips have changed my life even more, and molded me to become more of a disciple of Christ. Although I’ve known for awhile the majesty of God’s sovereignty, it somehow still never ceases to amaze me. What a trip it has been, and what a blessing it is to be here! God is good!
The day after we arrived, we immediately started fulfilling our goal for the trip: to evangelize to the lost souls of Uganda. Immediately, God started working on our hearts. Immediately, God started to bring us more and more out of our comfort zone. Talking to complete strangers about the Gospel of Jesus Christ was more of an ambition than an actual practice. Although personally, I’ve had experience being a part of evangelizing with a group of brothers and sisters, I’ve never had too much experience witnessing to somebody this much one on one until last month.
Since then, I have been extremely blessed by the fellowship of this group, the stories that have shared, and the quiet times that I’ve experienced with God. I am extremely grateful that God has allowed me the privilege to be a part of such an incredible journey with such an amazing ACF family. The unity that we’ve built so far as brothers and sisters in Christ is one that will last far beyond this mission trip. The experiences we’ve had witnessing to the people of Kumi and Fort portal have not only been humbling and fulfilling, but they’ve also been disheartening, tiresome, shocking, and sometimes even discouraging. However, we take refuge in the fact that our complete joy is in Christ alone. Not only do we have an entire group of zealous men and women who have a passionate zeal for Christ to help encourage us and strengthen our spirits, we have the ultimate source of encouragement and strength from the Book of Life itself, God’s Holy Word. As God promises us in Psalm 46:1, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble,” and God’s promises alone are sufficient enough to ease our troubled hearts. For we know that our goal is merely to plant the seed in the unbeliever’s mind, and by God’s providential will, He will open their heart, which will grow the root, that will sprout the trunk, which will give life to the tree. It is such a refreshing promise from God that we are mere vessels required only to transport the Gospel, and that it is nothing in and of ourselves that can change the hearts and minds of those lost souls. Although we’re all exhausted, aching and sore, our disposition will forever be joy unspeakable, solely because Jesus Christ sacrificed His life so that we may live. We have a completely sovereign God who will not only comfort us when fulfilling the Great Commission, but who will ultimately, in His timing, add soldiers to His Kingdom in order that His glory may be revealed and His will be accomplished.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ACF Work in Uganda

Each year ACF works together with native doctors and Nurses on short-term assignments to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people living in impoverished villages. How to get Involved You can help us succeed right from where you’re sitting. We succeed when passionate people care about what we do and connect with a community of supporters to help us grow. Love what we do? Here’s how you can help: •Share •Donate •Fundraise

Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 ACF missions

God showed up loud and big! It was so obvious that God is real, He loves us, and desires to use us to bless others. We saw God and felt God in so many different ways. People were more vulnerable than ever before. It got weird. I saw more passion, more glory, and more joy in those two weeks than I have in very long time. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE! MAX
For those of us who are blessed to travel to the most underprivileged areas on this earth as Missionaries and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ; we always return saying “Wow-best mission trip I’ve ever been on.” Well here I go again. This was the best mission trip the Lord ever allowed me to be part of.
People watching the LIFE OF JESUS' movie.

Monday, August 5, 2013

We are there.....

May I just start with the Lord is good! We've been here for 14 days and its been amazing to see the work the Lord is doing. It's been a privilege serving with the Ugandan brethren and their families. I am so blessed to see how we have blessed the people here. God has definitely grown me in many different ways and my walk with the Lord is much stronger than it was before we left. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to share the gospel and the love of Christ with the lost! The work of the Lord has done here can never be changed and He is only going to continue to grow His kingdom in Africa.

.....about the work of the Lord.....

We have been so busy about the work of the Lord ambushing the villages with the gospel, going door-to-door, playing music, doing crusades and engaging folks in matters spiritual and eternal. I personally have had the opportunity to share with Catholics, Muslims and those with traditional beliefs. We have been collecting names and contact information in order to pray for those we have spoken with and contact those who are willing to hear from us again. This week we had great harvest from our evening crusades and Jesus Film. I have been so honored to be a part of this trip, this team, the encouragement we’ve to the leaders and people of Kumi and the impact we’ve been able to make upon the community and surround communities around us here. We have received different response to the gospel as some of those we have shared with have been moved to tears in our presence when pointed to truth, while others have responded in anger but none asked us to leave, but whatever the case we’ve given the gospel – the truth in love, with gentleness and humility, leaving them in the Sovereign, saving hand of God. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and continued prayer
Each year ACF works together with native doctors and Nurses on short-term assignments to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people living in impoverished villages. Get Involved You can help us succeed right from where you’re sitting. We succeed when passionate people care about what we do and connect with a community of supporters to help us grow. Love what we do? Here’s how you can help: *Share *Donate *Fundraise *Go with us As we seek to accomplish the work laid out before us, we are mindful that the work of intercession is the most critical work. Not all can go, but we all can pray. We are sincerely grateful for your continued prayerful support of our endeavors to glorify Christ on mission with our hearts set on loving Ugandans in word and deed. Here are some specific ways you can pray for our team: -Pray that our team members would be gracious in our conduct and industrious in our labors -Pray that our team members would be flexible in our attitude and determined to give the devil no opportunity to distract us from the mission -Pray for good weather for the Medical Missions work (especially no rain!) -Pray for Brother Festus and Brother Emmanuel Ezeonu that they will communicate truths of God’s Word simply, clearly, and humbly to Kumi pastors. -Pray for the Kumi and Fort portal pastors attending the two Pastors’ conference, that they would be renewed in their faith, refreshed in their body, and revived in their spirit. -Pray for the witness this project will have in the Kumi, Fort portal and surrounding communities, namely that Christ’s name, not our own, would go forth and people would discover hope in our risen Savior -Pray for our leadership team as they contemplate ways of ministering in the future and launching of our medical centre in Kigarama [Fort portal] -Pray for the orphans who will be receiving Bibles, clothing, and school supplies, that they would see these as a provision from God Almighty and see these blessings as a reason to trust all the more in His gracious hand -Pray for our team as we take in all our experiences that the Spirit of God will help us interpret and retell them in ways that would be good for God’s purposes in Uganda, including the call for more of us to go in the future. May God bless you all.