Thursday, August 28, 2014

By God’s grace I will be back next year.

 “For every vision there is a provision.” I’ve heard that saying before; I think it was T.D. Jakes who said that. But it is the truth. I had a burning desire to go to Uganda with ACF this year 2014. How the money was going to come I had no idea. But God provided; that’s what matters.
 Brother Emeka doing what he is called to do.
I didn’t really know what to expect from this mission trip. All I knew was that I wanted a deeper relationship with God. For years now I’ve been reading my Bible daily and trying to pray every day. I really wanted to know the voice of God so that I would be able to do the right thing.
I didn’t worry much about what role I was going to play on this trip. As a musician, I already knew that I would do something involving music. So I brought my bass guitar along. I was thinking I would use it during the crusades, and then hand it over to someone in Uganda afterward. Outside of that, I had no plans coming into this trip.
The first thing that struck me as we left Entebbe Airport was the amount of dust flying everywhere. When we got to the hotel, we were cautioned about using the running water, so at one point I was a bit paranoid that I would get sick. I remember waking up the next day wanting to go home. That was when God checked me and told me that I was being selfish. I felt foolish; it was only a matter of adjusting to the environment so that the team could do God’s work effectively. I took my focus off the water and started to focus on the mission. From then on I was comfortable.
I noticed that the team put a lot of emphasis on the morning and evening devotions. Just about every morning and evening, before breakfast and after dinner, we would gather together, praise and worship God, share lessons and experiences, and pray. I see that was where the power was. It was our collective closet where we communed with God and each other, building each other and ourselves spiritually.
God truly is the Master Planner. In Kumi, I started a conversation with Bryan and David, ACF Uganda young adults. The conversation drifted into music and musical instruments. I told them that I play bass guitar. They told me that they were interested in playing bass guitar. So I said that I would give mine to them. The bass guitar now belongs to King Jesus Church.
Brian and Emeka just make a perfect combination in music.
Just like his father, Emeka is a down to earth young man and always ready to give a helping hand in everything.
The devil tried to mess up his ankle but he wasn't successful at all. Emeka is a true soldier of the Lord as he laughed off the situation.
The crusades were my favorite parts of the mission program because I played my bass guitar there as well as piano. I felt like I was playing a huge role ushering in the presence of God, which is primarily what worship leaders do.
I’ve seen that God really loves to show what He can do through our weaknesses and faults. I saw how He proved Himself to be sovereign when I hurt my left ankle in Fort Portal on the first day of medical missions. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to walk well on the second day. God turned that thought on its head. As I moved around, my ankle (which was taped up) got stronger. I ended up playing soccer with some children, mostly using that same foot that I had hurt.
The ultimate goal was to reach people with the Gospel and make disciples of them, as Jesus’s Great Commission goes. So I kept that in the back of my mind and prayed that I would make that my goal as well, not only for the trip, but for when I return. I began to think of my school, George Mason University. I am starting to see that is my mission field.

I thank God for giving me the desire and opportunity to enter the mission field. I have seen the heart of God in a way I have never seen before. I’ve seen some of the ways that He moves around. I am thankful for the people I have met and the relationships that I have built with them. This experience has helped me to focus more on my relationship with God and to search Him out all the more. By God’s grace I will be back next year.

They have impacted my life

I don't think I can narrow it down to just one experience, but I just love how much joy the people in Uganda have and it's not because of early possessions, it's because of God. We all can learn so much from the Ugandans. They have impacted my life and the way I live in so many ways. Every time I go, I leave a part of my heart there. I love how we go to make an impact on them but in reality, they make much more of an impact on us. 

Jessica chibueze the brain behind the Children sanitation project where she spearheaded the bathing, clothed and distributed supplies to over 140 children in Bukedea District during the ACF 2014 mission trip.

Bunmi carrying a child after giving her a bath during our sanitation project in Kametur village, Bukedea district, Uganda. She is one of the Young adults from ACF USA.

The kind of happiness exhibited by children after having a bath and hygiene supplies.
The type of shoes that they all received.
Our very own MaBinty Bangura of ACF USA Young adults giving one of the children a holy bath.
Some of the children and their gifts after having their baths.
Do we look smarter?
Grace [ACF USA Young Adult] embracing the children.
Set up.
Barber Shop section.
The joy.
The YAs team sorting the supplies. 
Juliet fell in love with Ugandan children.

The children just wanted to be loved and held. They didn't care who you were, your past or your struggles they loved unconditionally. I see why Jesus told us to be like children. "If you can change a life of one child you can change an entire generation." We will never forget this great memory. Jessica

Monday, August 25, 2014


See, when they say God can do bigger than your wildest dreams...THEY WERE NOT LYING! I went to Uganda with the intention of bathing only 100 kids. I didn't even raise up up half of the money I needed to do this thing. I was bummed, discouraged, and beating myself up. We get to Uganda, AND WE BATHE A MINIMUM OF 136 kids. I said minimum! We lost count after 136 because some of the kids couldn't pronounce their names so they weren't written on our list! The best footage I've ever taken in my life. Please bear with me, the full video our trip is coming soon!
#ACFUgandaMissions2014 I owe ever single young person that came to Uganda this year MY LIFE! Shout out to God because He did it! We were just vessels that He used! — feeling blessed.