Monday, August 25, 2014


See, when they say God can do bigger than your wildest dreams...THEY WERE NOT LYING! I went to Uganda with the intention of bathing only 100 kids. I didn't even raise up up half of the money I needed to do this thing. I was bummed, discouraged, and beating myself up. We get to Uganda, AND WE BATHE A MINIMUM OF 136 kids. I said minimum! We lost count after 136 because some of the kids couldn't pronounce their names so they weren't written on our list! The best footage I've ever taken in my life. Please bear with me, the full video our trip is coming soon!
#ACFUgandaMissions2014 I owe ever single young person that came to Uganda this year MY LIFE! Shout out to God because He did it! We were just vessels that He used! — feeling blessed.

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