Friday, August 17, 2018

The mission trip was a huge success....THANK YOU LORD!!!

The 2018 ACF summer missions’ trip ended last week and we are glad to report that the mission trip was a huge success. It is very obvious that the success was as a result of your support to the team. You prayed and gave generously to support both the team members individually and the programs we carried out in the field. The Lord will bless you immensely for your support.
It is very exciting to see the impact of what we have done over the years through your support. The HIV/AIDS orphaned children we trained in school in Uganda are now grown, some married and gainfully employed and ready to carry on with the work in our absence. We had a joint fellowship in Uganda with the new converts from our program over the years, and more than 600 new converts attended the joint fellowship from eight ACF chapters. The churches we planted in Republic of Benin are doing very well and God is changing the spiritual environment in remote villages unreached with the gospel in the country through the ministry of ACF.
The testimonies of the accomplishments this year in the mission field will be told for years to come, and your support will be mentioned when the stories are told. We will have an opportunity to visit each ACF chapter to provide a report on the mission trip in the future.

 Caption from our medical missions in Kumi District

 Nicole Pole fell in love with the children. She led a number of them to Christ through her christian tailored program for the young ones. 

 Joint fellowship with all the New converts classes. Every year after missions, we form a new believers' class to help the new converts learn more about their faith and plant them in local churches. This is one of the very successful element of our missions. 
Dr.Festus Ukwuani

 Takor fell in love with the kids

 All people that came for joint fellowship and for medical missions received a hot meal.  

Psalm 149:3 Let them praise His name with dancing, and make music to Him with tambourine and harp.
Dr. Festus Ukwuani
Mission Director, ACF USA, East Region

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