Thursday, July 28, 2022

Experiences we have had this week

 God of all creation, your presence is known and felt in every corner of the globe. As we answered the call to serve as your hands and feet in the world we found that we did not need to take action for you to go with us; you have gone before, and you will remain in this place after we leave and will accompany us home. We stand in awe of how you are at work in the world, and stand in amazement that we are called to join you in this work of building up the Kingdom.

We give you thanks for the experiences we have had this week; the laughter shared, the sweat shed, the work done, and the joy spread, shared, and received. This week has inspired us, challenged us, broadened our horizons, and reminded us of what it means to be a disciple. This week has been a “mountain top” experience that we pray will continue to shape us and encourage us as we strive to be a witness for you. While we wish we could stay on the “mountain top,” the reality is we must come down.

This place, which will forever be special to us, was never meant to be our permanent mission field. God called us and led us to this place to be immersed in the practice of doing mission, to learn how to be salt of the earth and light of the world, and to deepen and grow in our understanding of what it means to serve others. Our challenge now is to take these lessons learned; and carry them home with us. We are called to recognize that “mission” is a word that stands alone, and one that doesn’t need “trip” attached to it. We are called to engage in mission wherever we are.

God of endings, and God of new beginnings, we give you thanks and praise for this week, and pray now that you give us the courage to take these lessons learned, and put them into practice in our daily lives. Help us to be instruments of your peace, working to spread your love and grace in our actions and interactions. Help us to be attentive to the needs in our own community, and to the ways in which we can do mission in our own backyards.

ACF USA missions team pause for a picture with the local medical team and the rest of the local team that served with us. 
Sister Eneefa Wosu's heart for the youth. She spent a better part of the day counselling the young people and helping them make better choices in life. 
We had three Ophthalmologists serving in the Eye care department and we saw more people than we have seen in the past mission trips. 
One of the families that received treatment from our two days medical camp.

Nurse Judith serving one of the patients. Judith is a practicing Midwife who is currently under the ACF child education sponsorship program. 
The crowd that turned up for treatment on the 2nd day of our medical missions.
We had the opportunity of visiting some homesteads. Poverty is evident in most of the families.

People trekked distances to come to receive medical services.

Our missions Director Dr.Amos Dike and Bro.Ike Emmanuel praying for the local Pastoral leadership for the work ahead as they disciple the new converts.
The pharmacy department was busy all throughout the day.
Bro.Emmnuel Ike was instrumental in the counseling department. 

Bro.Raymond Mbawuike as another great vessel in the counseling department. 

 We also worked with the local Pastors to provide counseling and we have faith that they will provide good discipleship and after we're gone. 
Counsellors meet up for a thanks giving prayer at the end of day two. 

As we leave Kumi for our second leg of missions to Fortportal [Western Uganda], we ask continued prayers over this place that has been home for the past week, and all those with whom we were blessed to meet and spend time. Lord, as we leave, we pray that the experiences.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

2022 ACF Missions updates

Today was day one of our medical missions. As I write this update, the rest of the team is deep sleep because of their tired bodies. Our bodies may be tired but our spirits are rejuvenated daily because we extend compassion. Compassion is what energizes us even when our body hurts. Compassion is what extends our patience even when we rather blow our fuse. Compassion drives you to share the Gospel even if your throat is feeling sore. Compassion is what changes your heart from “What is in it for me?” to “What is in me for others?”

Yesterday we spent half a day with the ACF sponsored and those that have recently graduated from school. We also shared a meal with them. It's nice hearing their stories and knowing about their experiences with God.

Brother Raymond Mbawuike encouraging one of our sponsored children. 

Like mentioned earlier, today was day one of our medical missions. You know what? Medical missions provides a unique and tangible way to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to people who have great physical needs. A common result of this medical outreach is God opening hearts to the Gospel as people are introduced to the Great Physician and their greater spiritual need.

At ACF, our medical missions program focuses on evangelism. We use medicine and eye care to bring spiritually needy people in contact with the Gospel.

It was encouraging to see everyone coming together to serve God zealously. Regardless of our ages, background and other differences, we're united in Christ and bonded by God’s love for us.
A mother with a disabled child waiting to be attended to by the Doctors. 
Judith Karungi [Midwife] attending to patients. Judith is one of the ACF sponsored children. 

Dr. Lazarus examining a patient. He is also a graduate from the ACF Child education sponsorship program.

The eye care department.
Prayer and counselling. 
People lining up to serve food. All the people that come to receive medical services are also served a healthy meal every day. 

It is lovely meeting fellow brothers and sisters in Christ of Kumi. It is also rewarding to be serving with the children that have graduated from our Child Education sponsorship Program. In fact we have three nurses and one medical Doctor currently serving with us at the mission field and serving their fellow community. 
Dr.Laz examining a patient.
Some of the people we served earlier today. 
Sister Eneefa Wosu providing counseling to one of the patients. We use medicine to bring spiritually needy people in contact with the Gospel.
And, gifts [Cocks, turkeys and produces] are part of the gifts we receive from the natives. We wanted to return these gifts but it isn't a good practice in their culture for a visitor to refuse gifts.

Gifted hands of Brother Ike Emmanuel. 

Monday, July 25, 2022

2022 ACF Uganda Mission updates

It's such a joy to be able to go out once again and witness. Covid19 did us bad but we can't sit back and lament over the lost time!

We arrived in Kumi last evening and missions work officially begun today. It's sad that two of our USA team members didn't turn up because of Visa related challenges! All in all, our God reigns. 

Thank you very much ACF Family for your giving, sacrifice, and prayers to help make our mission trip to Uganda a possibility! God is working in each of our lives, and we look forward to sharing our testimonies with you upon our return. 

Today has been a very full and rewarding day! It started early since we were getting on the bus just after 9:00 A.M. We headed out to Kamenya village with great anticipation. It's today that we had the building commissioned and handed over to the ACF Uganda Leadership for equipping and God willing, the hospital will eventually begin operations before the end of this year.

Here below are the pictorial updates of the day. 

Prayer before the ribbon cutting ceremony.

During the ribbon cutting ceremony.

ACF USA Mission team 2022.
ACF East Region Missions Director Dr.Amoos Dike 

The jubilations 

Awarding of certificates to Mr.Onapito and other community leaders who have supported us.
The Harvest. People that came to Christ during the Crusade this evening.
Dr.Amos Dike praying for the new converts.

To say we're all tired when we got back to the hotel this evening is an understatement, but despite this we have all been blessed! Finally, thank you everyone back home for your prayers! We love you and miss you all! 

Stick here for more mission updates. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Sewing out of poverty

 ACF Living hope program is here for the community Women, Through this program they are equipped with necessary life skills and empowered through income generating projects, enabling them to become self sustainable.  

Through such projects, ACF promotes transformational development by empowering local pastors and believers with the tools and resources they need to impact their communities for Christ. The goal is to multiply the impact by empowering local persons to share what they know with others rather than depending on outside help.

Transformation addresses the spiritual need of recovering our true identity as humans created in the image of God and restoring relationships with God, ourselves, our community and the environment.

Development speaks to discovering our true vocation as productive stewards, faithfully caring for the world and all the people in it. As such, we seek to assist others in developing self-sustaining means to achieve this.

                   A group of 15 Women that graduated from our training school. 

      The outstanding Daage receiving her certificate during our recent graduation.

“I have always loved tailoring. I borrowed UGX 200,000 ($55) from our saving group and bought a sewing machine. People come with torn clothes that need to be fixed and I do it for them at a small fee. This brings me an average of UGX 5,000 ($ 1.4) daily at Jamil Stage in Bujuuko.” Daage testified.

“While out in the village I hear people wish they were part of our group. Some people come to us to learn some basics of financial literacy. We are the experts now in our village so we help them,” Jane, one of the beneficiaries remarked.

                Some of the work done by the graduates as part of their graduation project.

This program is making big impact in the lives of hurting women in Africa. YOU can play a role in giving a woman the opportunity for a better future! Visit www, to make your life transforming donation.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

My personal experience at the mission field.

It’s been over a little month since I landed back in the states after a week and a half in The Pearl of Africa and what a time it was. As some have followed my history in Uganda you know I’ve traveled there for a few years now, sharing the Gospel and serving. Looking back, it is amazing how everything that was once foreign is now familiar. Where there was once hesitation, I now have an eagerness and hunger.
So I just wanted to share some of this trip with you, my Youtubers. Without a doubt this time around was surreal. One of the best memories from this year came while interacting with the youth and young adults in Kumi District and in Fort Portal. I got the opportunity to teach the word again (I’ve done it before) but this time it was just so much more natural and the young adults seemed really engaged. After one of these talks ended I got the opportunity to pray with 20 or so men and I was nearly overcome by emotions. Firstly because of the surprised amount who wanted prayer (who am I?), and secondly because of the vulnerability they showed in raising their prayer topics.

So I thank God for my own growth and His help in that time. I’m an introvert (don’t argue with me on this) so usually I’m anxious being in front of large groups or having all attention on me. But this year I was energetic, flowing and confident! Which was encouraging because it was the sharing of my faith and my God that brought that out of me!!! (A lot of exclamation points)
So keep Uganda in your prayers: specifically pray for those who struggle to remain hopeful and patient in unexpected times but also pray that they rejoice in the glory of the Lord they see everyday.


Friday, August 17, 2018

The mission trip was a huge success....THANK YOU LORD!!!

The 2018 ACF summer missions’ trip ended last week and we are glad to report that the mission trip was a huge success. It is very obvious that the success was as a result of your support to the team. You prayed and gave generously to support both the team members individually and the programs we carried out in the field. The Lord will bless you immensely for your support.
It is very exciting to see the impact of what we have done over the years through your support. The HIV/AIDS orphaned children we trained in school in Uganda are now grown, some married and gainfully employed and ready to carry on with the work in our absence. We had a joint fellowship in Uganda with the new converts from our program over the years, and more than 600 new converts attended the joint fellowship from eight ACF chapters. The churches we planted in Republic of Benin are doing very well and God is changing the spiritual environment in remote villages unreached with the gospel in the country through the ministry of ACF.
The testimonies of the accomplishments this year in the mission field will be told for years to come, and your support will be mentioned when the stories are told. We will have an opportunity to visit each ACF chapter to provide a report on the mission trip in the future.

 Caption from our medical missions in Kumi District

 Nicole Pole fell in love with the children. She led a number of them to Christ through her christian tailored program for the young ones. 

 Joint fellowship with all the New converts classes. Every year after missions, we form a new believers' class to help the new converts learn more about their faith and plant them in local churches. This is one of the very successful element of our missions. 
Dr.Festus Ukwuani

 Takor fell in love with the kids

 All people that came for joint fellowship and for medical missions received a hot meal.  

Psalm 149:3 Let them praise His name with dancing, and make music to Him with tambourine and harp.
Dr. Festus Ukwuani
Mission Director, ACF USA, East Region