Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tips for Raising funds for your Uganda (ACF) Mission Trip

Tips & Advice for raising funds for your Mission Trip.

There are many people who have the heart to come to Africa, to Uganda and to impact the people here in a very positive manner but it often comes to a screeching halt when it comes to the funding.  There is the airfare, the cost of staying in Uganda and the project that you might want to undertake.  At the end of the day the lack of funds can be overwhelming and one simply gives up.
For many there is the church or civic group, the school through which you can raise money or that will even partially fund you, while for others it means raising their own fund.  Some raise their own funds for their transport and stay, while raising funds for the building, well, latrine or other project that you have chosen.  Thousands have done so every year and succeeded and have come here to Africa, to Uganda and left a footprint with ongoing results long after they have left Uganda.
There are some ways that you can look at and use in successfully raising the funds that you need in order to make your dream a possibility.  Even if you have never done so before, there are ways that you can do so and the key begins with not giving up but starting out with networking with people.  I can help you with all the background information you might need and can also write something for you coming from the perspective of Uganda, Africa and what good your trip will produce here and the lasting effects that will remain behind.
Below you will find some helpful hints that will assist you in raising the funds that you need to fulfill the dream and the vision that is within you.  

Team Meeting

  • Meeting:  Have a meeting with your team where you discuss the projects, the costs involved, the trip, the trip cost and any other things you deem pertinent to your project.
  • Brainstorm:  As a group brainstorm how you can approach funding this trip and do not reject any reasonable possibilities.
  • List all possibilities as to how to raise funds:  This ranges from fundraising projects such as yard sales, car washes, presentations to church or groups.
Sending out an Appeal Letter

Networking List: Sit down, grab a piece of paper and begin to write down all the people that you know, this includes businesses, your church or group.  They make up the main portion of your funding.  In smaller towns there is always the local newspaper and local radio shows that lend themselves to let your message be heard.
Compose a letter  or email from the heart:  Write from your heart and put onto paper your vision of compassion that you want to put into action.  Use some photos if you can, I can supply you with some. At the end of your letter or email, ask for support and also tell people that you will give them feedback from Uganda and after you have returned from there. Read over what you have written and ask someone else to read it and ask them how it makes them feel.  Be sure that as they support you in sponsoring your trip they are partnering in bringing solutions to a needy part of the world.
Send the email or letter:  Send out your email to the list of people and organization that you have listed.  Do not use the CC or BC option on your email program, but send the letter to each person, you can cut and paste, but include a personal greeting.
Follow-Up:  After a week follow up your email with a phone call and or a visit and ask if they have read your letter or email and let it flow from there.
Thank You: If anyone writes you back, send you some money or offer another kind of support, thank them with a personal letter.

Contacting and involving the Church:
  • Make an appointment with the Pastor or Missions Pastor: Present your trip and project to him or her and ask them for their input, advice and assistance.  Ask for the opportunity to address the church in a service.  Ask also for a sending off service for your group.
  • Meeting with the Missions Board:  Ask the Missions Board if you could present your project to them and ask for their support presenting the project as a missions outreach.
  • Church Presentation:  Present your project in a professional manner but always appealing to the heart.
  • Create a Bulleting Board regarding your Project in the foyer:  There you can post where you are in your projects and post updates and information regarding your short-term missions trip to Uganda.

Create a Website or Blog:  Create a website or Blog regarding your project and trip.  Keep it updated while you are in Uganda from Uganda.  This will keep those that support you with prayer and funding involved.

Hopefully this has helped you.  Feel free to write to Acf Uganda regarding your volunteer work trip to Uganda and we will do our best to be of help to you.