Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ndubisi Okeke..........ACF Missionary & Health Volunteer, Peace Corps.

Ndubisi Okeke

Health Volunteer, Peace Corps

"Hi! My name is Ndubisi Okeke. I’m from ACF Baltimore Chapter and I am currently serving in the Peace Corps in Uganda as a health volunteer. If we’re talking about my experience so far, we should discuss expectations. I came in with very few, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because the way things played out, of course, was so unexpected. I could not have imagined the degree to which God would provide for me, yet utterly destroy me.

The things most in question, like, "Where I was going to live?", "Who I was going to work with?", and, "Would I have running water?" were totally taken care of, above and beyond what I could envision. Yet, everything that could be shaken would be shaken, including my perceived strengths, abilities, and motivations. I found that I couldn’t lean on my faith the same way I used to. Out of context, away from familiarity, I couldn’t depend on the people I used to, or look to a faith partially rooted in the good things God could do for me.

"What do you do when you’re supposed to be following God but so little 'good' is happening?", I asked myself why I was following Him. He took me back to square one and pointed to His Son. With fresh eyes, I was presented with Jesus. What He did for me is so incredible; it cannot be fathomed; it cannot be understated. A clearer picture of His great love and grace towards me was magnetic; it drew me in and sheltered me.

This all sounds simple, quick, and pretty; it’s important that you know it was not. When I think about it, I ask, "Why all the destruction, tears, pain, mistakes, etc?" It's all for intimacy--all for true closeness and honesty with God. I’ll be in Uganda for a while longer, but I’m excited to see what else is in store. My continued personal growth has truly been the greatest gift I've received from coming here."