Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2nd Day of our Open air Crusade....... and still going..

Hello Family,
Am back again to update you with what is happening with us at the mission ground. We had a privilege of meeting and sharing lunch with our sponsored children. It was nice to see how some of these boys and girls have grown into young adults.
Some of our sponsored children during a counseling sessions earlier today. I learned at our meeting that one of the most important things we will be doing is helping the young adults get organized and prepared to put on these programs after we leave with them. It is similar to a mentor program, where the young adults (around 18-20 years old) invest in the lives of the younger kids. Along with helping the younger kids grow up with a support system, it also gives the young adults purpose as well as unite the communities
 Sister Tarko counseling one of our sponsored children.
Some of our sponsored children after receiving their gifts.
We fed the sponsored and non sponsored children from the nearby community. 

We had an open air crusade in the evening and the turn up was awesome. This reminded me that God is seriously seeking for men that will stand in gap for the unsaved souls that are living under the bondage of sin and death. There are plenty of villages, cities, towns and nations that are yet to be reached with the gospel. We must visit and pray in those places for Christ to be crowned as king in people’s lives. The big question is WHAT ARE YOU REALLY DOING TO SPREAD GOSPEL IN YOUR LOCAL AREA AND REMOTE PLACES?
It was joy seeing people coming foward to give their lives to Christ. I must admit the "The Life of Jesus movie" is long but people stood and watched it up to the end. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

We have arrived!!!!

We have arrived at our mission field of Uganda. Before I go to sleep I just wanted to let you our family members and friends of our arrival at the mission field. This is going to be your window into the weekly activities of the ministry that God has called us to here in Uganda,  Africa. ACF ministry is varied, but our goal is singular: to reach people with the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to the glory and honor of our King.

                                                                         Offloading our luggages on arrival

Thanks to all who pray for us and financially support us. You have been, are, and will be a blessing, and all you do has God's promise of eternal rewards -- thank you.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

We met the precious ones and they blessed our HEARTS.

Yesterday we visited Agape community orphanage, initially it was quite surprising because it is very clean and well presented and the houses are lovely, just like little villas. Many people on our team had had different expectations, thinking it would be run down reflecting the backgrounds these children had come from. However, the owner of the orphanage explained that they took every opportunity to make this place a slice of heaven, a safe haven for the children, and by the mentality of the children it is clear they have succeeded.

Bellow is the DREAM TEAM in a group Photo at ACF offices before we left.
   Florence with the Kids.

They are always smiling and Maxwell, our team leader, said he was blown away by the kindness and welcoming attitude of all the children. One child had arrived there just a week ago with marks on his face, which has made us all wonder at and appreciate the horrific backgrounds from which these children come, and to fully appreciate how much time and effort the people who work here have invested to turn a child’s life around so quickly! They are genuinely amazing. 
 Simon one of the orphans receiving some of the gifts that we took.
At last, we gave the gifts to the orphans, took a group photo with the orphans and we left. Although we had a short time spent in the orphanage and we didn’t build a strong friendship with the orphans, but we did gave warmth and kindness to them, and the most important—- laughter.