Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Physical and spiritual Doctors on the 2016 ACF Missions team.

More than 80% of the people who came for our medical missions most likely would not have seen a doctor all year if we weren't there. I say this not to shine light on ACF as an organization and emphasize the work we do but to illustrate the need for accessible healthcare in the rural areas of the world. Many people come just to receive free medicine, a check-up for their family and free food. And yes with how great the need is for medical help we could have set up shop and simply distributed medication to everyone who wanted it, but what makes us more than a humanitarian organization is our desire to primarily introduce people to Christ. This desire is fueled by our personal experiences with Gods love as well as a compassionate heart for the nations. For this reason we designed the medical missions days to be organized so that first patients would get their vitals checked, see the doctors, receive counseling, THEN visit the pharmacy to pick up their medicine. The counsellors played the role of spiritual doctors. Not every sickness that entered the school grounds could be healed by medicine alone and more times than could be counted, prayer was the best treatment. We have pictured here, our counsellors and translators. Amazing men and women of God who listened to, prayed for and encouraged everyone who came to their table. Since we are more than just flesh, it is our responsibility to address more than the flesh and what we see on the surface. We must pay attention to the body, mind AND spirit.
Pastor Emmanuel Ike one the counselors on the ACF 2016 missions team
Rev.Bolu Olowomeye counsels a youth in Totolim-Kumi, Uganda
Rev.Bolu Olowomeye during a counseling session
Brother Emeka Nwosu during a counseling session.

This year, in Uganda, we had six medical doctors and one ophthalmologist. It was so amazing to have them come from different parts of Uganda, the United States and even Spain. They were instrumental not only in diagnosing, but also in catering to the patients they saw on a personal level. It was and is more than just hearing the ailments, writing a prescription and sending them off to the next station. With more than nine hundred people waiting to see the doctors over the span of two days they could have easily succumbed to the pressure of those overwhelming numbers and rushed through the diagnosis' and to a degree we could have called that success but they didn't. Success is more than getting the maximum amount of people during the two days that we are there. Thankfully our team shared that sentiment and the necessary time and attention was given to everyone there. Pictured here are our doctors for this year's mission trip as well as the translators who equally played a role in helping both patients and doctors.
 Dr.Chibuzo in action
 Our ophthalmologist
 Mrs.Grace Bassey in the pharmacy
 Part of he Pharmacy team [Mrs. Ukwuani and Florence]

The team of ACF Missions Doctors and Nurses 

Kelechi Okpa
ACF 2016 missions Team Member

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