Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet my new found friend.......

Wednesday and Thursday were probably two of our most powerful days on mission so far. We had medical missions, feeding, played with the kids and all the kids had so much fun with it that they all came back yesterday if they could. I got a split lip from it but it was so worth it. Yesterday a little boy named Okol (in the picture), who is two years old, came up to me and said carry me, I carried him around in my arms for almost 45 minutes chasing around a ball but after that we had to go to piggy back rides because carrying him in my arms was too much. He wouldn’t go to anyone else, Eddie tried to take him away from me and he started screaming and crying no! When we were all hanging out in a group he leaned over my shoulder and whispered in my ear, Papa (Meaning Dad), it was so sweet that that was how he thought of me. It is going to be so hard having to say goodbye to him and all the other kids today.
Ivan and Akol

I can easily say that today was the toughest day of the week for me, and I would bet most others who worked in the medical department this week would agree. Saying goodbye to these love-hungry kids we’ve carried, chased, spun, rocked, and fell in love with all week was extremely difficult. However, it was an amazing ending to an amazingly God-filled week. Going into the day, we knew that today was it–the day to pour out everything we had left. At one point, a group member asked “What was yesterday, Thursday?” Without missing a beat, George, a 16 year old who came out every single day this week, 
answered “No, yesterday was Wednesday!” Eddy corrected “No, yesterday was Wednesday, man.” Corbin laughed and said, “Yeah, I know… I was just trying to get you guys to stay longer!”


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