Tuesday, September 11, 2018

My personal experience at the mission field.

It’s been over a little month since I landed back in the states after a week and a half in The Pearl of Africa and what a time it was. As some have followed my history in Uganda you know I’ve traveled there for a few years now, sharing the Gospel and serving. Looking back, it is amazing how everything that was once foreign is now familiar. Where there was once hesitation, I now have an eagerness and hunger.
So I just wanted to share some of this trip with you, my Youtubers. Without a doubt this time around was surreal. One of the best memories from this year came while interacting with the youth and young adults in Kumi District and in Fort Portal. I got the opportunity to teach the word again (I’ve done it before) but this time it was just so much more natural and the young adults seemed really engaged. After one of these talks ended I got the opportunity to pray with 20 or so men and I was nearly overcome by emotions. Firstly because of the surprised amount who wanted prayer (who am I?), and secondly because of the vulnerability they showed in raising their prayer topics.

So I thank God for my own growth and His help in that time. I’m an introvert (don’t argue with me on this) so usually I’m anxious being in front of large groups or having all attention on me. But this year I was energetic, flowing and confident! Which was encouraging because it was the sharing of my faith and my God that brought that out of me!!! (A lot of exclamation points)
So keep Uganda in your prayers: specifically pray for those who struggle to remain hopeful and patient in unexpected times but also pray that they rejoice in the glory of the Lord they see everyday.


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